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John is a double BAFTA shortlisted and award winning Director, Writer and Visual Artist, whose work focusses on environmental and humanitarian themes.

His personal work has been awarded and accredited by organisations including The United Nations, Jackson Wild and BAFTA, screened at major festivals around the world and featured in publications such as Time Magazine, Vice, Booooooom and Creative Review.

His latest film, completed in early 2021 ,‘Stories of You and I’  is narrated by and starring Academy Award Nominee, Jonathan Pryce (The Two Popes, Game of Thrones, The Crown).

John’s route into the film industry was assisting directors in creative development; in which he has over 7 years experience working across commercials, documentaries, TV series and feature films with production agencies around the world. Brands and clients have included: National Geographic, BBC, Independent Films, Netflix, Biscuit Filmworks, Radical Media, Iconoclast, Nike, Save The Children, Gucci, Heineken, Stink Films, PrettyBird, Acne Studios, Adidas, Levi’s and many more.

Prior to working in film, John studied and worked as an artist and graphic designer. His 2014 sound visualisation project ‘Soundscape - The Physical Sounds of Manhattan’, gained international media attention, creating a series of crystalline sculptures based on soundwaves - recreating NYC’s infamous skyline from the tracks that built it’s musical history, from Ella Fitzgerald in Harlem to The Ramones in the Lower East Side.


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